The advantages of writing your own e-book certainly seem attractive, when you consider the time and effort it takes to write and promote a book through traditional methods. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good novel, and even a good published business book I can buy from Amazon. With the amount of bloggers out there today, everyone can be a publisher. In Veronica Carrillo blog post “Launching your new product, Publishing an e-book” , she describes the advantages.

• Most eBooks are published as PDF files
• Overhead is minimal.
• Don’t have to worry about the publisher taking cut of the profits
• Don’t have to worry about printing and shipping.

She also states that a big sticking point is that of research, and not being able to actually get the eBook written. I agree that if you already have an idea, start writing and research the new topics as you go, this way the book gets completed.

e-bookFinally I’ll add promotion. There are a number of ways to promote your e-book online, but you want to make sure you are getting the most sales possible and making sure you are on target with your market you are selling the book to. A product launch of an e-book is a great way to have your eBook sales downloaded through a complete marketing event.


A seventeen Year old from Australia, Matthew Carpenter talks about getting offline companies interested in online business promotion with his 4 rules.

1. Start with an Email, and Keep Things Casual
2. Sell the Benefits, But Not the Website Itself
3. Arrange to Meet in Person
4. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

“A large portion of offline clients simply don’t understand how valuable an online presence could be for their business. When you get turned down for a major project, it’s not a jab at your skills or your business. Instead, it’s a failure of your own marketing abilities. Focus on being able to sell the service to offline clients, and use failed pitches as a chance to refine and optimize your sales message.”


How To Pay For Referrals in Your Business

January 3, 2010

As companies are listening more to their customers from conversation and what friends are recommending, social media is having a big influence on how products are being promoted.  So how can companies reward these customers for helping to promote their product?
Laura Lake asks us all what are we doing in our business to promote referral [...]

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New Marketing, Old Concepts

January 2, 2010

Marketing has been studied in all the great universities for years and all the theories still hold up. Specifically, Scott Bishop in a recent blog post talks about the 4 P’s in marketing:
• Product
• Place
• Price
• Promotion
Scott has added a 5th P, for Personality.
Personality is the new reason people will market and buy based on conversation. Conversation [...]

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Product Launches Will Increase Sales

December 24, 2009

Just wanted to write up a quick post and tell you how you can get a product launch plan quickly done for you by a professional product launch manager.
These consultants have gained some great momentum in the marketing industry since July 2009 When Jeff Walker set out to train 50 marketers to consult on launches [...]

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