Product Launches Will Increase Sales

Just wanted to write up a quick post and tell you how you can get a product launch plan quickly done for you by a professional product launch manager.

Jeff Walker & Marc Evans Product Launch Manager Platinum Mastermind Group Tempe AZ

Jeff Walker & Marc Evans Product Launch Manager Platinum Mastermind Group Tempe AZ

These consultants have gained some great momentum in the marketing industry since July 2009 When Jeff Walker set out to train 50 marketers to consult on launches exactly the way he does. Since then Jeff Walker has trained a few hundred more via a home study course. Overall the market is still scarce with these qualified product launch managers considering the demand for them.

What is stopping you from getting more sales? Let’s look at the main issues.

List Building

List building. Most people starting their own business or releasing their new product, may have it developed, but no list to sell to. If you don’t have a list, then it doesn’t matter how brilliant your product is. To solve this, working with a product launch manager doesn’t necessarily mean you need them to consult on a whole launch for you, instead work with them on the segment that needs help the most before you do a complete launch. List building is just one of the strategies that a plan can be developed for your business and will cost you a lot less then a complete launch. I want to stress in this section that in 2010 the focus will be outside of Google, PPC, and other SEO techniques that rely on Google to get you noticed. Their is 70% of the advertising market out there, that is cheap and will list build for you without worrying that Google will slap you and shut down your efforts. Product launch managers are tapping into these techniques now!

Product Creation
Next Problem people run into is product creation. How do I create my own product that my market and I are passionate about? Product launch managers help to consult on numerous methods to accomplish this. As a taste the most important thing is to survey your market on what they want! Don’t just create something because YOU think it will be great for them. Remember this if anything you need to get in front of your market; don’t wait for the market to come to you. You will also be surprised at how many assets you may already have that can be utilized in your product creation or launch. An example would be a simple conference you may have done and recorded between colleges that describe your market’s issues. Something this simple can be used either as part of your product, part of pre-launch material or even as a bonus in your offer.

Sales Offer

The last objection I want to mention in this post is creating the offer. This may or may not seem simple to you, but this part is the make or break of the launch. You need to have an offer that anyone reading or listening to it would say I would be crazy NOT to buy this. Strategies that product launch managers develop for you are deliverables, guarantee, price point, and idea generation.

Product launch managers might not be for everyone- but they will certainly change your business by helping you create and execute a plan that will succeed in whichever segment you are working on. Get your Product launch help here.

We will talk soon!


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